Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Sun on the Horizon

Surely, I have been dreaming.
Which way is west?
Which is east?
All I see is the sun on the horizon.
Does it rise, or does it fall?

Say it rises:
What glory awaits when that red turns to blue?
We shall see the ocean from the height of the hills,
And beauty in a blade of grass,
And dance and sing and play
And play
And play,
As lovers smell roses in the garden.

Say it falls,
And all turns to dark.
What glories still await.
A canopy of stars, swirling in the cool of the moon,
Shall sit atop the madness of our night –
A madness of laughter in the forest
As friends join hands to walk toward the return of the dawn.

The sun still hangs on the horizon,
Neither ending nor beginning -
Simply a herald of whichever glory is to come.

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