Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This Present Moment

Under soft sunshine and sweet songs,
The cares of day disappear,
And all the worries of past and future,
Give way to present glories.

There is no sorrow in the springtime heat.
The white snows are beaten,
And summer’s reign is heralded
By the white of blossom.

Peace is all that the noon allows.
The sun is early to rise
And late to depart,
And its generous time with us,
Lends we beings an immortal illusion –
A faith that the sunlit seconds will roll on
And on, one to another without cease,
Until the sunset comes at our bidding,
Giving way to clear, beautiful, lyrical night.

Farewell care and farewell fear.
Let the birds be as sirens to you,
The budding flowers as rocks in your sea.
Run your fearsome ship of yesterday
Onto the coast of beauty,
And never into a tomorrow sail again.

© Jack Blackburn, 23rd April 2013

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