Friday, October 23, 2015

The North by North Westminster Diary: TalkTalk Responsible for Being Victim of Breathtaking Crime

Friday 23rd October
It’s all very convenient for the producers of the new Bond film Spectre.
Having crafted a film where the threat is in information and computers and basically casts the digital age as the ultimate battleground of non-state terror, they really needed a news story which could chime with the themes of the movie.
Enter TalkTalk, which has been assaulted by hackers who have taken vast swathes of data, including personal and financial details of customers. There has now been a ransom demand, blackmailing the company. As criminality goes, it is the equivalent of the Great Train Robbery, the Hatton Garden Jewellery theft, and the plot of Ocean’s Eleven all rolled into one and then multiplied several times over.
Customers are naturally worried and upset, but many have turned their fire on the company. One woman on the news said she was seeking another provider (fair enough) – one that wouldn’t “leak data by accident”.
“Leak data”? You mean like how the Millennium Dome leaked those diamonds when some crooks drove a JCB into it?
It’s a sign of the terrifying world we live in where there is such vulnerability, but also such a lack of understanding. Naively, we don’t seem to worry too much about giving our personal details to our banks, utility suppliers and so on, but do worry about governments having access to our Facebook. Concerning in principle, but if someone at GCHQ wants to trawl through all of the invites I get to start-up business, fringe theatres or, dare I say it, satirical Facebook Pages, best of luck to them. Perhaps they can let me know which ones are actually worth attending.

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